Program studijske posjete

(16th – 18th December 2013)

  1. Mr Goran Račić,  President of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Banja Luka Region
  2. Mr Slobodan Dragičević,  Chief of the IT sector (Chamber of Economy of Rep. Srpska)
  3. Ms Olivera Radić, Chief of the Quality centre (Chamber of Economy of Rep. Srpska)
  4. Ms Snjezana Marić, Project staff member (Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Banja Luka Region
  5. Mr Nihad Šušnjar,  Project staff member (Chamber of Economy of the Una Sana Canton- Bihać)
  6. Ms Jasmina Djermanović, Project staff member (Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Doboj Region)
  7. Ms Enisa Kadić, Chief of the IT sector (Chamber of Economy of the Federation of  Bosnia and Herzegovina)
  8. Ms Aida Kalajdzisalihović, Project staff member (Chamber of Economy of the Federation of  Bosnia and Herzegovina)
  9. Ms Elvira Krso,  Project staff member (Camera per l’Economia del Cantone di Sarajevo)
16th december 2013
09.30 – Chamber of Commerce of Trieste, Piazza della Borsa, 14, 1st floor, Red hall (Sala Rossa)

(Institutional greetings)

Open discussion

The state–of–the-art in B&H Chamber system concerning:
- management of the Chamber activities
- strengthening the role of the Chambers
These main themes are intended to draw a first “comparison” of the activities carried out by B&H Chambers and Italian Chamber system bodies. 
The promotional activity of the Chambers as a way of strengthen their role and supporting the SMEs and potential investors demand (Aries)
Services provided by the Chambers / Special agencies come into account, both to; 
a) technical assistance to single enterprises – regarding:
Country information – Business environment information -  Partner (business or investment) research - Funding
b) the Chambers as players of possible role in promoting, animating, supporting the activity of enterprise groups (e.g. enterprise networks, clusters, consortia, associations:)
c) Some IT tools used in Aries promotional activity:
  • Customer Relations Management (Aries)
  • Worldpass: a systematization of institutional info made available by single public bodies dealing with internationalization (Aries)

A practical sample shall be given of using a promotion tool and of the potentialities of a recent on line one-stop shop of resources regarding institutions and internationalization

(Lunch break)
14.45 – Chamber of commerce of Trieste, Red hall (Sala rossa)
The experiences of Associations and institutions operating in the ICT sector: management, ruling and promotion
Federservizi: Mr Manlio Romanelli, President
Area Science Park, Trieste: Ms Lara Di Pace, Operative unit for technology transfer
             Ms Marina Kozlik, Innovation factory Srl  (1st mile incubator)

17th December 2013
08.30   Departure from Trieste
  1. Visit to DITEDI (Industrial Cluster of Digital technogies, Udine) Association composed by    ICT sector enterprises, with the presence of
Mr Omar Londero, Internationalization area manager, Udine Chamber of Commerce
Mr Simone Puksic, DITEDI Project manager
Ms Alessia Della Rossa, DITEDI, Social media strategist
12.15   Trip back to Trieste
      (The remaining part of the afternoon will be free)

18th December 2013

09.30 Chamber of Commerce of Trieste

Continued: The enforcement of ICT in business and of its use in the Chamber services (with special regard to tools used to communicate with the enterprises):
  • Company / business register (Chamber of Commerce of Trieste)

The organization has mostly regard to the use of Company register in the promotion activity, as a tool who allows finding the enterprises dealing with some activities and building up economical statistics, trade and market analyses.

11.00 – 12.00 Final resumè and entailing possible future cooperation