ICT Expert (m/f)

For the purposes of research, innovation, design and setup of very new services, algorithms, systems and protocols, we are publishing the ad for the position:
ICT Expert
(Solutions Architect)
  • Responsibility in research and innovation of company project
  • Responsibility for the implementation and operation of ICT systems,
  • Responsibility for the implementation and operation of communication networks,
  • Responsibility for data integrity, functionality, efficiency, safety, quality and value of ICT systems and services, in accordance to the business requirements.

Please send your CV with a picture and references (or recommendations from university professors) via "Apply to ad". Candidates with more than 80% general skills and 70% of the Fundamental skills and with over 60% of the ICT Expertise skills will be invited for second round.
General skils
  • Excellent organisational skills, and good communications skills - written and verbal
  • Good knowledge of English language
  • Excellent analytical and problem solving skills - good prioritisation skills and be flexible enough to adapt plans
  • Understanding of complex information and requirements - good evaluation skills
  • Confidence in decision-making process of management - speaking to management team/clients to find out what they want
  • A good team-playing mentality , co-ordinating the project team, keeping management and clients updated on progress, contributes to team effort by accomplishing related results as needed. 
  • An ability to work to tight deadlines and within constraints - an ability to work on lots of different projects; some might take years to complete others just a few weeks (like a switch to a new phone system).
  • Evaluation of each project stage and once completed, planning the stages of the project and how each affects the business, adjusting the plans where needed, defines project requirements by identifying project milestones, phases, and elements; forming project team; establishing project budget, recommends controls by identifying problems; writing improved procedures; monitors project progress by tracking activity; resolving problems; publishing progress reports; recommending actions.

  • An ability to work with analysts on the feasibility of a conceptual design by taking technical specifications prepared by the analyst and designing system components to meet the set requirements
  • An ability to draw up detailed design documentation including charts and diagrams that indicate the various components involved
  • An ability to prepare instructions for programmer implementation
  • An ability to talk with other team members (analysts and programmers) to ensure functionality according to systems specifications, and develop solutions as problems or issues arise
  • An ability to design monitoring and performance measurement processes.
  • An ability to plays an important role in devising databases to suit large data acquisition, storage and retrieval requirements. Designers develop database solutions that satisfy clients' needs for high-speed access, multiple views of the same information, accuracy and security, and the sharing of information between systems.
  • An ability to be involved in design functions in contexts that include in-house networks or larger, distributed mainframe systems. Design work in this context can be very complex, with large numbers of protocols, platforms and software solutions that need to communicate with each other.
  • An ability to be involved in the design and implementation of operational systems, with the objective of optimising systems performance. The focus is on operational systems such as mainframes, desktop and mid-range solutions.
  • An ability to works in the area of design and modification of the operating environment software that links computer software and hardware, implying some knowledge of the associated hardware on which the software runs.
  • An ability to examine the hardware requirements that support systems implementation across personal computers, mainframes or networks.
  • An ability to specialize in systems investigation and research for the ongoing development of hardware and software.

ICT Expertise
  • Advise clients objectively on where IT might make a difference to the business, making sure there is a smooth change over from the old system to the new one, determines operational objectives by studying business functions; gathering information; evaluating output requirements and formats. Provides references for users by writing and maintaining user documentation; providing help desk support; training users, maintains user confidence and protects operations by keeping information confidential.
  • Designs new computer programs by analysing requirements; constructing workflow charts and diagrams; studying system capabilities; writing specifications; experience in the implementation, troubleshooting and managing of ICT systems and services in the business environment; improves systems by studying current practices; designing modifications, prepares technical reports by collecting, analysing, and summarizing information and trends.
  • Maintains system protocols by writing and updating procedures.
  • Maintains professional and technical knowledge by attending educational workshops; reviewing professional publications; establishing personal networks; benchmarking state-of-the-art practices; participating in professional societies.
  • Act as overall technical authority for the development and integration of software systems supporting satellite communications services. Responsible for eliciting and defining systems requirements, creating software architecture and design, monitoring development progress and providing domain expertise and software development guidance to project teams.
  • Take a lead technical role in the bidding process for IT systems.
  • Act as a subject matter expert on satellite communications within the practice and to other projects, e.g. feasibility studies.
  • Support in analysis of engineering solutions related to communications (e.g., voice, video, and data; wired, wireless, satellite; Internet protocol, etc.).
  • provides in-depth engineering analysis of communications alternatives for agencies in support of their strategic modernization efforts and communications enhancement design for medium and large-scale communication infrastructures. 
  • Provides interface support to communications end users, communications operations personnel, and communications strategic program management.
  • Knowledge in research and innovation of following areas: Solid State Electronics ; analogue Electronics; Digital Electronics; Signals & Systems ; Quantum Engineering ; Real Systems ; Optics , Communication ; Photonics / Nanophotonics;Mixed-Signal circuit design, with specific emphasis on circuits that support analogue and microprocessors / programmable logic devices; Schematic capture, board layout, and design verification (Cadence preferred); Familiarity with embedded interface designs such as RAM, FLASH, Ethernet, and serial; Familiarity with high-speed signal design; Familiarity with low power device design; Familiarity with high-reliability/communications/power design; Ability to debug digital and analogue hardware, Active Sensor controller design; Embedded software development for microcontrollers/processors; Verilog/VHDL for programmable logic devices; Embedded System Architecture

 We offer:
  • Ability to work in a regional company with a long tradition
  • The employment and stimulating base salary with bonuses
  • Admission to the pension and health insurance
  • Continuous professional development and continuation of education through excellent training in 7 EU based universities and research laboratories
  • full time employment (up to six months of trial period)
  • wages incentives based on achieved yearly results
  • team work - „matrix management environment“
  • Career development
  • Work in a pleasant atmosphere
  • The possibility of advancement in the company
  • Flexible working hours very frequent traveling to Bologna, Padova, Oslo, Berlin, Belgrade, Vienna etc. For at least 5 days of workshops, research, education and training

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Datum objave:24.12.2013.
Trajanje oglasa:30 dana

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